slider chair yoga picLimitations in mobility resulting from Multiple Sclerosis can lead to increased joint and muscle tightness, as well as decreased circulation in the extremities. The Flexibility and Circulation Improvement Program provides ACT for MS clients with professional therapeutic massage focusing on the maintenance and/or improvement of the client’s flexibility and overall circulation.

ACT for MS will provide a monthly one hour therapeutic massage at designated local facilities. In-home sessions may be arranged in certain circumstances for those with mobility restrictions that would prevent them from attending at a facility.

All currently Active client members of ACT for MS enrolled in the Enhanced Strength Training Program are eligible to participate in this program. ACT for MS must have a completed Client Application and Physical Therapy Evaluation on file. These are to be renewed each year in order to maintain Active status. In addition, the client must have written permission from their neurologist, and have completed waiver of liability.

From time to time, there may be restraints on availability of therapeutic massage sessions at a specific facility, with a specific massage therapist, or, availability of funds for the program. In these instances, a prospective participant may be placed on a waiting list for the program.