“I struggle with fatigue and balance. I have had MS for 7.5 years, and have been able to maintain my ability to walk and stay strong. I credit this program whole-heartedly.”

N.P., Indio

It boggles my mind how much you do. ACT for MS has had a big impact on how I deal with this illness. It’s a social life as well as a support system of information and services.

N.N., Cathedral City

“I am so very much grateful for the opportunity to participate in such a wonderful program! It has a very positive impact on my life and my health. Thank you very much!”

K.H., Desert Hot Springs

“This program is vital for me. I would be substantially more incapacitated without it and the quality of my life would be greatly undermined.”

H.J., Palm Springs

“ACT for MS has been extremely important in my life. It has improved my self-esteem, balance and endurance as well as increased my energy level.”

D.S., Palm Desert

“ACT for MS is absolutely critical to my quality of life. I’ve developed increased core strength and stability and it has boosted my self-confidence.”

P.T., Palm Desert

“Experience and knowledge provide the foundation for an exercise program within my capability and also one that pushes my limits within safe boundaries. I could not achieve on my own so I really appreciate what ACT for MS has done for me. Attending a gym is an important part of my social life and helps me meet people – otherwise I would be predominantly house bound.”

J.M., Indian Wells

“Often a great deal of neuro-muscular tension builds up in my calves – impeding my ability to walk and draining my energy. A session of intensive massage in the affected areas creates a marked improvement in both my energy levels and my walking. The massage sessions are a great bonus to me, and as part of the exercise regime offered by ACT for MS, it genuinely improves the quality of my life.”

J.F., Indian Wells

“I wish I could state my gratitude in words better, but I am so thankful for being allowed to participate in such a wonderful, life-changing program! Because of the difficulties I face in living in such a hot climate while balancing MS and other health issues at the same time – I do not believe I would be doing as well as I am without this program. Thank you!”

J.J., Palm Desert

I’m so thankful to have ACT for MS a part of my life. I started with yoga, then added water aerobics which is really relieving stiffness. Recently I began strength training as well, and that has been very beneficial. Most of all, I am thankful for the MS friends I have made. I don’t feel alone with it anymore.

P.G., La Quinta

My husband and I are so grateful that ACT for MS helps us with our electricity bill 5 months of the year, while also providing personal fitness for me twice a week. ACT for MS has been a Godsend.

L.R., Rancho Mirage

My hat is off to you for your lifesaving programs and services. God bless the devoted staff and people who help us year-round.

N.F., La Quinta